Nintendo Switch

This video game set is such a mass. All the game tools are supposed to be built with hand-made by users. The Nintendo Switch has now set records in the United States and Japan as the fastest selling console in those two respective markets, beating even the PlayStation 2 and Nintendo Wii in terms of early adoption.

There are some causes why it became so popular and well sold out.

  • The price is right
  • Nintendo managed scarcity like a champ
  • It’s easy to justify if you have kids
  • It’s a social system
  • It has no competition



Skydio is the new startup that research and develop AI-powered autonomous R1 drone following a human using camera vision. Skydio is based out of Redwood City, California and unveiled its first product just a month ago.

As seen in the video clip below, the autonomous drone can follow a person while avoiding the obstacles such as tree with many branches, etc.

First Step towards My Success

* Date: 2016/10/22

– This is the moment I finally lift up my feet and land it on the ground for the first time to be close to my success. I have dreamed about doing a blog for my own to keep a track on my life. This blog would become a compass and a old history book to show and direct my past and future life. People sometimes would like to get away from the situations that they are facing to reduce the life burdens laying on their shoulders. I was also a kind of person like others before I start to realize that my life is so worth to give my whole life to him.